About Us

Microplay Newmarket is an independent video game and collectible store. Operating in Newmarket, Ontario since 1999 but in the video game business since 1994. 

The Microplay brand was established in 1987 and began franchising in 1993. We opened our first store in Willowdale, Ontario in 1994. The franchise grew to over 100 stores worldwide in its first five years of operation providing gaming and movies for its customers. In 1999 we opened our second store in our hometown of Newmarket, Ontario. By the early 2000’s the Microplay franchise was purchased by Jumbo Video and in 2004 Microplay and Jumbo Video were purchased by Le Super Club Videotron. As of 2019 Videotron decided to no longer support the Microplay franchise, allowing us to become independent video game and collectible store. With over 25 years of experience we at Microplay Newmarket continue to grow and expand our reach with the addition of an online presence. 



Newmarket, Ontario 2020

Newmarket Storefront

Newmarket, Ontario 2016


 Willowdale, Ontario 1994

Willowdale Storefront