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Behind the Frame

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Starting a great work of art is tough enough, but finishing it? That’s the real challenge — and this notion lies at the heart of developer Silver Lining Studio’s Behind the Frame, a beautifully hand-animated narrative experience starring a young artist on the cusp of completing her masterpiece.

iam8bit is proud to present the game here, in collaboration with publisher Akupara Games, in this lovely physical edition. This relaxing and cozy gameplay experience is the perfect compliment to the dull roar of a fireplace or the gentle sway of an afternoon breeze through an open window.

  • Paint, sketch, and retouch your artwork to complete your masterpiece and your memories
  • Dive into and explore beautiful panoramic, hand-animated worlds inspired by Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli visuals + Experience an evocative story, through the eyes of a passionate artist
  • Step into a new painter’s artistic adventure - awaiting those who complete the main story