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Button Button Up!

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Button Button Up! is a platforming adventure game that combines single player, co-op and competitive battle modes. You’ll also realize that buttons have some unique and clever abilities to help you through each challenge! There are lots of useful skills to solve puzzles and clear hazards, like sewing buttons in the air to lock into a platform, kicking other buttons for vital momentum, and blocking dangerous lasers of the same color as yourself. Button Button Up! will test your reflexes and puzzles solving skills!

  • In the solo campaign tackle four chapters, each introducing a new character and a unique challenge. Checkpoints make any failures easy to handle, and when you gather materials you’re able to purchase collectables and cool customizations for your characters.
  • The co-op campaign includes unique levels specially designed for two players, but you can tackle them solo for an extra challenge. Play with one Joy-ConTM each so that you can play with a friend at any time, working together to get through tricky stages.
  • Finally, you can head into the VS mode for some fun battles with up to 4 local players. Stand your ground in Base battles or try to be the last standing in Survival as Buttons go head to head!
  • Clever platforming and puzzles that offer a unique challenge. Loads of outfits and customizations to unlock.
  • Play with just a Joy-ConTM each to play with a friend anywhere!
  • In-game languages include English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.