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Company of Heroes 3 (Launch Edition)

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Heart-pounding combat combines with new opportunities for strategy beyond the battlefield, making every choice matter. Experience an all-new theatre of war with new environments, factions and international battlegroups. Set up vital supply lines and map intelligence networks with the new Dynamic Campaign Map, ensuring no two campaign playthroughs are ever alike. Discover the untold stories of a stunning new Mediterranean theatre, with cinematic WW2 action spanning across Italy and North Africa.


Purpose built for Console with custom UI, full controller support, and features that allow you to play at your own pace, Company of Heroes 3 deploys its acclaimed blend of action, tactics and strategy to PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series S/X in full strength.


Control the pace of play and execute lethal precision plays with Full Tactical Pause. Strategize, and command on a whole other level with the all-new Dynamic Campaign Map. Enjoy limitless replayability across Single Player, vs AI Co-Op, and competitive Multiplayer modes.


The Mediterranean theatre offers an incredible range of environments. From sleepy Italian fishing hamlets, to major cities, and rolling mountains. Experience the vast deserts of North Africa, dotted with oases and rustic villages. New gameplay experiences, and new stories await.