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The C64 Collection 3

SKU: 5060990240140

13 great titles from the classic home computer system arrive on one physical
Evercade cartridge! The C64 Collection 3 brings even more games from the 80s
and 90s that live long in the memory of gamers all over the world. Features a full
colour manual, physical cartridge and collectible clam shell case. Playable on
Evercade Handheld, Evercade VS, Evercade EXP and Super Pocket!

  • Full colour manual included
  • Games List – Summer Games II, Boulder Dash ®, Heavy
    Metal Paradroid, Super Cycle, Jumpman Junior,
    Cyberdyne Warrior, Cybernoid II: The Revenge,
    Netherworld, Deliverance: Stormlord II, Anarchy, Exolon,
    Street Sports Soccer & Break Dance
  • Genre – Platformer
  • Compatible with all Evercade and HyperMegaTech hardware