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Cities Skylines II

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In Cities: Skylines II, players build detailed cities at an epic scale. Intricate economic systems present players with choices that have ripple effects across the city. Dynamic maps set in various biomes present both challenges and opportunities for city builders. High-fidelity visuals showcase the beauty of cities like never before, from a humble city block to an iconic city skyline. For the first time ever, each citizen has their own individual life, including occupation, household, relationships and more, making cities feel alive. Players can now follow how their choices affect citizens’ lives, adding weight and immediate impact to every strategic decision. 

Players start by picking a map, with each environment presenting its own challenges, climate, and opportunities. From there, players manage a series of interconnected simulation systems as they build and grow their city. Build roads, lay out districts, set up infrastructure, and manage citizens’ needs as the population grows from a small town to a sweeping metropolis. 

Cities: Skylines II is the most captivating, visually stunning, and intricate city builder ever made,” said Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order. “We are giving players an unprecedented level of freedom over managing their population and city with each choice having a meaningful impact on their citizens. Players can realize their vision for an urban utopia like never before, utilizing tools to control every key aspect of the city planning experience and watching their photorealistic metropolis grow block by block.”

Cities: Skylines II Key Features:

  • Deep Simulation: Make choices that have ripple effects across the city. Intricate AI and economic systems mean players will need to strategize, problem solve and react to changes, challenges and opportunities.
  • Epic Scale, Endless Possibilities: Build a thriving metropolis without compromise. In Cities: Skylines II, players will be able to build sky-high and across the map to realize their dream city like never before.
  • Cities That Come Alive: Follow the lives of individual citizens, from love and loss to wealth and well-being. Player decisions will shape the lives of their city’s citizens.
  • A Dynamic World: Pick a map to set the climate and biome of the city. These natural forces will shape the growth of players’ cities as they contend with rising pollution, changeable weather and seasonal challenges.

Players will learn more about the intricate systems involved in managing their sprawling metropolis over the coming weeks via a series of deep dive videos from Colossal Order.