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Court of the Dead: Mourners Call

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Do you have what it takes to Rise, Conquer & Rule?

Put your gaming prowess to the test with Court of the Dead: Mourners Call! This 2-5 player, highly competitive board game that calls upon players to balance cooperative needs against their own ulterior motives. There are many paths to uniting the Underworld, but only one mourner will realize his or her vision. The player who wields his or her power and faction influence the best will gain the most points to win. Act with care and discretion, lest you draw the attention of the oppressive Celestial Realm or lose yourself to the dreadsgrip.

The Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Board Game comes with 70 highly-detailed figures, 115 premium cards, a 24" x 36" inch custom illustrated gameboard with UV spot gloss, 5 double-layered player boards with custom indents, 60 etherea pieces, 50 figure base rings, and more.

The Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Board Game Kickstarter Version includes exclusive upgrades for over 100 individual items included with the game. Ninety-three of the pieces in the Kickstarter Version are metal, including 17 skull tracker pieces, 15 faction tokens, 60 unity tokens, and one Dreadsbane token. The Kickstarter version also comes with 5 custom marble dice with United Underworld logos on each. Most importantly, the Kickstarter Version includes a 5th player expansion, so you can play with up to five gamers.

Whether you work with your fellow mourners to bring balance or stab them in the back to impose order - only one mourner can bring their version of the Underworld to (after)life with The Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Board Game Kickstarter Version.

 Rise, Conquer, GAME ON!


2-4 Players

90+ Mins