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Crossfire Sierra Squad (PSVR2)

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Enter the world of Crossfire in VR and feel the impact of this arcade shooter!

When you drop into the action, you’ll experience the high-quality characters, maps, weapons and gameplay that Crossfire fans have become accustomed to, now in VR. Fierce paramilitary action between rival factions Black List and Global Risk in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments through 50 squad missions (single-player or 2-player co-op), 13 campaign missions (single-player) and Horde Mode (up to 4-player co-op) will keep you riveted.

39 types of weapons including pistols, rifles, throwable – and throw back-able – grenades and sniper rifles with revolutionary scope mechanics give you plenty of options to dispatch 17 types of enemies. Clearing the enemies out won’t be easy. If you need help, recruit up to 3 other friends and jump into co-op play!

Battle a variety of crafty enemies in a relentless search for the truth and prove why you were selected as the intrepid leader of the most feared special unit in existence – Sierra Squad!