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Dale of Merchants

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Do you give up a chance to use a splendid action in favor of getting even more astounding cards? Since every card can be used in multiple ways, Dale of Merchants requires some tough choices. You can’t win the game without letting go of your cards. Dive into Daimyria and meet the cast of colourful animalfolks!

The goal of the game is to finish up your merchant stall before anyone else. The first player to do so is awarded with the access to the legendary Guild of Extraordinary Traders.

With 6 different decks, the replay value of the game is extremely high. You get fresh gameplay by mixing various decks from game to game. Do you want to play with the Thieving Northern Raccoons, bend the rules with Adapting Veiled Chameleons or bring total chaos with Lucky Ocelots? The first player to complete astounding merchant stall is the winner of the game.