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Dragon Warrior I and II (Complete)

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Back in the medieval times (the 1980's) a scrappy little knight hacked out a trail for console RPGs on the NES. Enix has resurrected the brave warrior and his descendants to work their magic on Game Boy Color.

Dragon Warrior I

One of the great traditions in mythology is the story of the lone adventurer conquering evil in teh face of seemingly insurmountable odds. The first installment in the Dragon Warrior series throws you into the fray with little more than a horned helmet, the clothes on your back and the generosity of Alefgard's citizens. As you move from town to town, fighting monsters and collecting gold, the details of your mission to defeat the Dragonlord will begin to unfold.

Dragon Warrior II
The second quest takes place many years after the defeat of the Dragonlord. An era of peace and tranquility has been broken by the monstrous armies of Hargon, who invade Moonbrook Castel to assassinate the King. As the Prince of Lorasia, you'll need to travel the countryside in search of like-minded adventurers then set off as a party to stop Hargon from resurrecting an evil entity.

Derived from the phenomenally successful Japanese RPG Dragon Quest, the original Dragon Warrior was tailored to appeal to a younger audience. Fans of the series will be excited to learn that the GBC versions of I & II offer new translations from the original Japanese to better reflect the spirit of Dragon Quest. For example, the legendary warrior Erdrick was changed to Loto, which is closer to the Japanese name.

Dragon Warrior I & II are far more than nostalgic trips into the NES past. They offer deep game play that's as complex as any RPGs you'll find for GBC, and the simple interface allows gamesrs of all skill levels to wander through Alefgard.