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E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial: Escape from Planet Earth (Cartridge Only)

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This Game Pak is for the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advanced Systems only.

E.T. Needs To Get Off Earth!!!
E.T. can't escape without your help! Solve tons of crazy puzzles while searching for all the necessary components to construct a communicator so E.T. can "phone home". You must help E.T. avoid capture by the authorities, the dangerous animals they use to track him, and the clever traps they've set to snare him. You control E.T.'s extraordinary powers, and Elliott's agility. Save his life, and get him off earth!

  • 140 puzzles and 60 environments
  • 3 modes of gameplay: Exploration, Quest and Encounter
  • Play as E.T., Elliott or both
  • Club house trading areas for trading items found for parts to the communicator
  • 3 levels of difficulty