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Exit the Game: The Professor's Last Riddle

SKU: 814743018082

Still reeling from the news of your favorite archaeology professor’s passing, you have been enlisted in a rather peculiar assignment. It seems that instead of a will, he’s left an envelope with some postcards and a series of clues. Grab your passports — you’re about to embark on a global treasure hunt! Can you solve the riddles and uncover the mystery of the professor’s legacy?

  • Travel the world as you try and unravel the mystery of your late archelogy professor’s legacy
  • Solve escape room style puzzles and use several mysterious objects found in the box to find the treasure
  • Features several famous cities such as Paris, New York, and more!
  • Great for 1 or more players and takes 1-2 hours
  • This game can only be played once as you must rip tear, and destroy components to complete it