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F1 2011 (Cartridge Only) (Pre-Owned)

SKU: 767649403769CO_u

F1 2011 is the handheld adaptation of the main F1 2011 game. It offers the full 2011 racing season with all stages and it incorporates the multi-season career mode from the main game. In addition there are Grand Prix weekends and three-lap sprints. Grand Prix events are split up in practice runs, qualifying sessions and the main races themselves. There are driving aids (including determining the race distance), weather effects, fuel and tires options, and it includes the KERS and DRS systems from the main version.

Unique to the handheld versions is a number of mini-game challenges such as checkpoints races, overtaking, autocross-style slaloms or racing in specific situations such as the last two laps of a race in the rain with the wrong tires equipped. They are organized in tiers with a bonus one at the end. The performance in these challenges is ranked with a letter. The game can be played online and for the 3DS StreetPass is used to unlock rival ghosts. Both versions support multiplayer, local as well as online, in head-to-head time trails or in a full Grand Prix. On the Vita the front touch screen is used to change the camera and the rear touch pad can be used as an optional substitute for actions such as braking and throttling.