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Hard City

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The Hard City Police Department officers enter an unequal struggle against a mad scientist, Doctor Zero, and his mutant horde. They collectively plan their actions, use equipment and rescue terrified civilians!

In this game for 1-5 players “1 vs All” is the main gameplay mode, but solo and fully cooperative rules are also available. Thanks to different setup variants and a modular 3D board, no two games of Hard City will ever be the same. Play through a single episode or the whole campaign!

The game is divided into episodes that form a full story of a struggle between the officers and the evil mastermind. Epicness is added by the mechanism of cutscenes – spectacular one-use-only actions available for the players. And the characters represent a whole array of pop culture archetypes, known to every movie geek.

Hard City is an 80s action movie turned into a board game! Coffee and donuts, neon lights, cutscenes, episodes and a plethora of easter eggs and references to the classics of the genre, from Miami Vice to The Toxic Avenger.

1-5 Players

60 Minutes to play