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Hong Kong Massacre (Import) (Pre-Owned)

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The Hong Kong Massacre is a fast-paced top-down shooter set in the city of Hong Kong. Inspired by Hong Kong action movies the game lets the player engage in hard-boiled gunfights around the city, in levels ranging from restaurants to building rooftops.

Set in Hong Kong around 1992 the game follows a former police detective who set out to seek vengeance for his partner, who was brutally killed by the Triad.

The game features slow-motion and dive/dodge mechanics to aid the player to engage in epic gunfights. Every shot is deadly so there is no room for mistakes.

Each level contains not only enemies to kill but also different challenges for the player to complete that unlocks weapons and equipment.

SLOW MOTION - The player can at any time slow down the time and use this advantage to read the environment and plan for the next action more easily. Avoiding enemy bullets while taking out the enemies itself is crucial for survival. The slow motion time is limited so the player has to plan when and how to use it for best success

DIVE / DODGE - Using the environment as your tool, the player can dive and dodge through windows, over and behind covers to avoid the enemies bullets while shooting