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Hoplomachus: Remastered

SKU: 704725644869

This solo, two player cooperative and two to four player competitive game collects and combines the very best gameplay content from both Hoplomachus: The Lost Cities and Hoplomachus: Rise of Rome, as well as several of their expansions.

Hoplomachus: Remastered comes with everything that originally made the franchise a hit, with its ease of play, multiple combat modes and subtle variations between factions. The developers are giving the line a huge production update to make it the kind of game Chip Theory have wanted it to be from the beginning. Containing new original art, more attractive graphic design, streamlined rules, and component compatibility with Victorum, Hoplomachus will now embody the Chip Theory Games premium experience in every sense of the word.

Though both Victorum and Remastered are standalone titles, their gladiator and tactics chips are cross-compatible between both games, letting players mix and match chips for even more gameplay options!

Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 60 Min
Suggested Ages 14+