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Jewel Case Protectors (25 Pack) for Dual Disc

SKU: 3760265293988

Our Dual CD Case are made from high quality acid free clear plastic materials and allow safe entry and removal of the game. Also, this Dual CD Case box holder fits smoothly and snugly while providing a museum quality display. We made our scratch-resistant cases clear so it’s easier to read labels when they’re organized neatly on a shelf. And because they’re a durable, square, form-fitting design, they can be safely stacked for quick access.


  • Pack of 25 Mario Retro CD Dual Disc Jewel Case Protector
  • Perfect Fit for CD, PS1, Sega Dreamcast Case
  • Made from the clearest, virtually unbreakable, acid-free material
  • Keeps your video games visible while they're being protected with Extra locks on the back of the case