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King of the Monsters 2 (Cartridge Only)

SKU: GC0689_u
They're back, and they're meaner than ever!
Alien Super Monsters have now invaded the planet.
Super Geon, Atomic Guy, and Cyber Woo must fight to maintain control of the planet. These alien creatures have power never seen before. Flaming Breath, Aerial Spins, and Radioactive Blasts, to name a few. With your help, these Super-Monsters must destroy all in their path, while battling these savage aliens, and avoiding the nuisance of Human Tanks and Planes. Use each Monster's special attacks as well as new Super-Attacks to wipe out each alien, destroy each city, and be crowned the King of the Super Monsters!

- Choose from 1 Player or 2 Player mode. Player 2 can join mid-way through in 1 Player mode. You can also watch the computer play against itself in COM vs COM mode.
- 16 megs of Non-stop action.
- Choose from among 9 fierce Monsters. Even play Monster vs same Monster.
- 9 Levels of arcade-style action.
- Master new special attack combinations (Genesis only).
- Blazing fast arcade graphics.
- Heart-Pounding Stereo Sound effects.