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Kirby Terrarium Collection (Full Sealed Box)

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The new series in the Kirby Terrarium Collection is named A Wind for Tomorrow, after the fan-favorite song that plays over the credits of Kirby's Dreamland! This set contains six new scenes of Kirby's amazing adventures inside terrariums shaped as both orbs and bottles! The new figures are: Regular Kirby (A New Adventure), Mike Kirby, Mirror Kirby, Fighter Kirby, Wheelie Rider Kirby, and Warp Star Kirby.

Product Features

  • Approximately 3.94 inches (10cm)
  • Made of ABS, PVC, and acrylic
  • Box of 6 capsules
  • Based on the Kirby series
  • Officially licensed

Box Contents

  • 6 Kirby Terrarium Collection figures