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McDonald's Treasureland Adventure (As Is) (In Box)

SKU: 010086010671AS
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This game's cartridge has been tested and is in working condition. We do not classify it as a copy in good condition as it may have; damage to the box/instructions, missing instructions, discolouration of the cartridge and/or damage to or no label. As Is games are sold at a reduced price in comparison to a copy in good condition. Contact store for more information.

Ronald McDonald finds an old map and decides to take on the adventure. But he's only got one piece. A trio of villains are holding the other pieces. And just waiting for Ronald to show up!

  • Ronald tosses sparkling Magic to win against the Baddies. A special Scarf helps him swing on hooks and climb to higher ledges.
  • Mounds of exciting rounds! Ronald tangles with the Baddies who drop gold and power-ups!
  • Two games in one! Collect enough gold and play a matching game to win balloons, gems and goodies!