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Metal Slug XX (Pre-Owned)

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METAL SLUG XX, the most recent installment in the famous run-and-gun action shooting series, returns to the battlefield on PlayStation 4 with a plethora of brand new features! In addition to the classic dot-pixel graphics being upscaled to 1080p and additional 4k resolution support, this remastered port of METAL SLUG XX is fully functional with DUALSHOCK 4 game controllers, including vibration support to make the heated battle feel even more hectic, and fan-favorite voice samples played through the controller s speaker during the release of POWs and other in-game events. METAL SLUG XX also offers two different types of scanlines for players who want a true nostalgia trip, as well as newly implemented Trophies for those who love a good challenge! In addition to the six characters found in the original release, the silent soldier Leona Heidern is now playable from the beginning for even more action! MISSION START!