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Monkey Barrels

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A little Monkey named kotetsu has been abducted by crabbenwold electric, the evil electronics manufacturer that wiped out the human race! It's monkeys vs. Crabs as kotetsu's friends masaru and hanako lead the charge in an all-out assault to rescue him! Monkey Barrels is an action-packed twin-stick shooter in which you blast waves of weaponized electronic Devices with tons of crazy unlockable weapons. You can experiment endlessly with different combinations and find the load out that best Suits your playing style.

• physical Edition includes the game card along with a collectible instruction booklets.

• 98 outrageous weapons Fashioned from household objects like bottles, cans, blow dryers, umbrella and more. Players can equip up to four weapons simultaneously: two main weapons (guns) and two sub weapons (grenades, shields, etc.).

• when your "wild power" Meter Fills up from taking damage, you can unleash a Super move that wipes out surrounding enemies and projectiles. Robust single-player story mode with a giant bullet-heck boss battle at the end of every area.

• Monkey vs. Monkey PvP online multiplayer "Banana scramble" Mode for four to six participants. 22 different stages set in various regions of Japan.

• unique "3D Pixel art" Puts a fresh spin on old-school graphics.