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Nex Machina

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5/5, “What a trip.” – The Guardian

Essential, “Housemarque has just made the game of its career.” – Eurogamer

9/10, “Nex Machina is a game that confidently meets expectations. It's difficult, intensely satisfying, and packed with enough secrets and lofty secondary objectives to keep you enraptured for hours.” – Gamespot

- Explosive twin-stick arcade shooter gaming at its finest
- Over 100+ challenging levels in 6 different intense worlds
- Secret paths, levels and humans
- Local cooperative multiplayer
- Deep scoring system, rich metagame and replayability
- Specially tailored feats and achievements
- Community and friend leaderboards
- Unlockables and player profiles
- Next gen signed distance field (SDF) ray-tracing and morphing tech
- Voxel driven, significantly reworked version of the Housemarque engine