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NHL All-Star Hockey '95 (Cartridge Only)

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NHL All-Star Hockey Shoots...and Scores!
All 26 NHL Teams, All 650 Pro Players, an 84 Game Season, Playoffs, & the Stanley Cup Finals!
Fast-Paced NHL Action!
  • All 26 NHL Teams including the Mighy Ducks and Florida Panthers. 1994-95 Team Rosters & NHL Schedule.
  • All the Stars are Here: Messier, Lemieux, Gretzky, Fedorov, Bourque, Lindros, Roenick, Bure, and Gilmour! Players perform according to ratings in 15 categories like slapshots, speed, stick-handling, etc.
  • Marv Albert; voice of the NY Rangers; provides expert color commentary.
  • Battery tracks standings and your favorite team's stats all season long!

It's All Here - line changes, "speed bursts", cross-checks, one timers, isntant replays!