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Nintendo 64 Cartridge Protectors (25 Pack)

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Glorify your childhood years and give love to them by dressing your N64 Cartridge by EVORETRO - and you'll never get wrong with them! Protecting them from dust and unwanted dirt from touching the item will not just preserve their look but it will also maintain its good performance when used as it won't let any particles reach its board and other important parts that may affect its internal parts. It is made with high-quality clear plastic that will let you see the game that you need to play right away. Order your set of N64 Cartridges Protectors cases for your video box today.


  • Set of 25 clear plastic protectors - 0.4 mm thick
  • Compatible for N64 CARTRIDGE
  • Excellent guard for your collectibles against dust and liquid spillage
  • The clear plastic case provides a clear view of what's inside - can be organized the way you want!
  • Great present for collectors who loves preserving their gaming possessions in the long term.