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Overlord: Dark Legend (Pre-Owned)

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Mean-streaked tacticians are called upon to fling minions and raise hell in Overlord: Dark Legend, a motion-controlled action-strategy game based on Triumph Studio's dark-humored Overlord. Retaining the play style of its predecessor, Dark Legend combines the third-person squad management of the GameCube's Pikmin with the good-to-be evil sensibilities of the computer classic, Dungeon Keeper. Although released alongside the direct sequel on home computers and high-def consoles, the Wii's Dark Legend follows an exclusive, original storyline. Players take the starring role of a forgotten, youngest child, whose siblings plot to take over the kingdom. The hero will not remain forgotten long, as he takes up the armor of the Overlord and takes command of the powers of destruction,

Of course, it's actually the Overlord's minions that do all the dirty work. Minions are distinguished by their color, and four main types are available in Overlord: Dark Legend. Brown minions take the part of the belligerent infantry; boots on the ground to cause chaos by hand. Reds can set their surroundings aflame in no time. Green minions specialize in stealth, serving as excellent assassins, and otherworldly Blues use magic to heal others and avoid harm. In the Wii's edition of Overlord, motion controls are used to pick minions up and fling them into battle or toward a task. Players can also use the Wii Remote to grab and shake a minion violently, causing it to become charged up and ready to explode -- a walking time bomb at the player's command.