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Work together to survive and complete your cave painting in this prehistoric co-op adventure. 

Return to the stone age in a new cooperative adventure! Paleo is a survival strategy game for 2–4 players, who form a tribe of people working together to explore their surroundings and undertake the ultimate paleolithic quest: completing a cave painting. Each player begins the game with a couple of humans, each of whom have a skill and a number of life points. On your turn, you’ll send them out to explore. While you can guess what you might find there—food, crafting materials, extra help on your mission—you never know what dangers may await you out in the wild. Be careful not to collect too many skull tokens and lose the game before you can cement your legacy!

At the end of each day, you’ll need enough food and resources to keep your people alive and on track to complete your final masterpiece. Once you’ve collected all 5 victory tokens and added them to your cave painting, all players immediately win the game! Paleo includes 10 unique modules to vary the people, locations, and quests you’ll encounter in your co-op adventures. Mix and match different modules to increase or decrease the game’s difficulty, or try one of several included rules variants, including a solo mode. Can you survive the wilds of the Stone Age?

2 – 4 players

 45 – 60 mins

 10 years+