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Pokemon Lineup! Connect! Nakajoshi Friends Vol.2 Cozy Afternoon (Single Blind Box)

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Single Blind Box Chosen at Random

Friendships Beginning a Top a Log!

Recreate warm Pokemon filled atmospheres with the Re-ment set: "Lineup! Connect! Nakayoshi Friends Vol.2 Cozy Afternoon"
No surprises to be had as you can be sure to collect and display all 6 types with one purchase with Plaza Japan!
Displaying them all side by side not only connects the tree but also Pokemon hearts!

The following 6 types are included:
1. Pikachu & Togepi
2. Pachirisu
3. Torchic
4. Taillow & Pidgey & Pidove
5. Jigglypuff & Igglybuff
6. Jumpluff & Hoppip & Skiploom