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Pokemon Midnight Mysterious Mansion Collection (Single Blind Box)

SKU: 4521121207056_u

Single Blind Box Chosen at Random

Ghost Pokemon are lurking around a haunted mansion in the Re-ment set: "Pokemon: Midnight Mansion"
No surprises to be had as you can be sure to collect and display all 4 types with one purchase with Plaza Japan!
Stack them on top of each other to form the actual mansion to truly bring this set to life - including a spooked Pikachu inside!

The following 4 types may include:
1. Wandering in the Darkness (Pikachu & Duskull)
2. The Identity of the Loud Noise (Espurr)
3. What Appeared in the Dark Night Was... (Gengar)
4. Shall we Play Together? (Banette)