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Pokken Tournament Pro Pad for Switch & Wii U (Pre-Owned)

SKU: 873124005691_u

Also Compatible for Nintendo Switch & Pokken Tournament

Enjoy authentic arcade action at home! Designed by HORI, the same designers of the official Pokken Tournament arcade cabinet controller, the Pokken Tournament Pro Pad is a limited edition controller design exclusively for use with Pokken Tournament for the Wii U. This wired USB pad is ergonomic, comfortable, responsive and super effective for controlling your favorite Pokemon in Pokken Tournament battles. USB wired (9.8ft) connection is tournament legal. Note that due to software design, Player One must always use the Wii U GamePad for local battles. Controller is only compatible with Pokken Tournament for Wii U and will not function properly with other game titles. NOTE: Please press Start on the Pokken Pro Pad at main title screen to activate as main controller.