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Powerboat Racing (Pre-Owned)

SKU: 040421896486_u
Strap in and throttle up as you whip through the most realistic and immersive powerboat racing game ever made. If you're gonna compete, you'll have to jump over roadways and pass through convoys or speed between oil tankers before they close off the track and turn your boat to splinters. And if all else fails, find a shortcut and take the lead, or better yet, push your opponent into a river barge at 200 miles per hour.
- Unpredictable Challenges:
Fully interactive 3D environments that continually change and challenge even the most experienced driver.
- Intense Motion Effects:
Feel the turbulence of the wakes as your opponents rip up the water in front of you.
- 16 Awesome Powerboats:
Before you can taste the awesome speed and power of the Catamarans, you'll have to show you're worthy on the Monohulls.
- Shadow Boat:
Save your best race and compete against your Shadow Boat. You can also save it to a memory card and bring it to a friend's house.
- Jaw-Dropping 3D Control:
Dive under water, crash through waves and careen off jumps with full 360 views.
- Killer Courses:
9 super-intense racetracks from New York to Tokyo to tear through.