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PowerWash Simulator

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Wash away your worries to the soothing sounds of high-pressure water in this one-of-a-kind simulator game. Build your own power-washing business in Career Mode and unlock new tools, upgrades and more in other game modes! Relax, unwind in single player, or play with friends in online co-op; either way, have good, clean fun. Whether you're a casual, clean freak or a dirt-detailer, everyone can pick up and play to feel immersed.

  • Relaxation, satisfaction guaranteed: find your zen by deep cleaning the vast world of Muckingham and its surroundings!
  • Powerwash and chill: whether you want to play in online co-op, wash against the clock in Time Challenge, or chill out and replay your favorite levels in Free Play, there's something for whatever mood you're in!
  • The world is your canvas: create art by cleaning the way you want! Share your techniques and showcase your power-washing prowess and mud-caked masterpieces!