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Pups & Purs Animal Hospital

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Become the very best veterinarian ever! These adorable pets aren’t feeling too well, so let’s give them the care they need! Pups & Purrs Animal Hospital is a simulation game in which you can have the dream job you’ve always wanted taking care of cute, fluffy friends.

Various breeds of puppies and kittens will need your expertise at the clinic. In Checkup Mode carefully check for illnesses or injuries by performing various diagnostic tests: taking X-rays, checking temperatures, and monitoring vital signs. Once you diagnose the ailments, administer the treatments as part of your dream job.

On your days off, wind down by relaxing at the cafe! Go shopping and enjoy 184 different outfits you can wear. Visit the hair salon and choose from 40 different hairstyles! Enjoy your free time hanging out in the city going to the movies, the amusement park, the beach, and much more!

  • 20 different mini-games will test your prowess as a veterinarian. Use your stethoscope to get to the heart of the problem.
  • Check-up Mode helps you check for illnesses or injuries of each new patient. Diagnose the ailments and prescribe a treatment plan!
  • 18 lovable breeds of dogs and cats are now available in game!