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Civilization is gone. Water is precious. Competition is savage. Radlands is a competitive dueling card game about identifying and exploiting fiercely powerful card synergies. Use people and event cards to protect your last three remaining camps from a vicious rival tribe in this colorful and tightly designed postapocalyptic tooth-and-nail fight to the bitter end.

  • Meet the dueling card game you will take with you through the apocalypse.
  • Radlands is an intense dueling card game created by former Magic the Gathering External developer, Daniel Piechnick.
  • It is extremely elegant from both a component and game design perspective, consisting of a deck of text minimal cards, and a short rulebook.
  • But do not let the game's level of elegance fool you, as Radlands provides one of the highest strategic depth to complexity ratios Team Roxley has ever experienced.
  • With so much to explore, Radlands gives the experience of a huge expandable card game, in a form factor that your gameshelf can actually handle.