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Rayman Raving Rabbids (Cartridge Only)

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Rayman's world has been invaded by an army of crazed Rabbids! They've got their sights set on the world, and with Rayman the only one who could possibly stop them, he is quickly captured. Now, Rayman is the Rabbids' toy, made to perform bizarre tasks for their amusement. Escape the arena, and stop the Rabbids!

As Rayman, you must make your way through different Arenas. The Arenas give you three types of play modes. The first is a standard side-scrolling platformer, where you must collect lums and defeat enemies to reach the exit. You also gain special abilities and suits in these levels which help you access new areas and path branches in the levels.

The second is a stylus-controlled platformer. Rayman is continuously running, and you must remove obstacles with different stylus commands. Different suits have different commands, so later levels have you swapping between multiple suits as you make your way through the level. 

The third is an assortment of mini-games. These can range from making a jigsaw puzzle to matching pictures on a slot machine to a memory match game to feeding Rabbids pies, just to name a few.

Rayman's main goal is to earn trophies - these unlock new levels and other things. Each level has a golden lum, which increases the amount of lums that Rayman can carry. Most defeated enemies also drop stars - as you collect these, your level up meter will fill. When it's full, Rayman's health will increase, and the level up meter will empty so that you can fill it again.