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Rolling Realms

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In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, a time of self-isolation for many people, Jamey decided to create an infinitely scaling roll-and-write game to teach and play with people around the world via Facebook Live.

In Rolling Realms, players compete to earn the most stars in a series of minigames over 3 rounds. This is a roll-and-write game, meaning that players will write on the game components using dry-erase markers.

Each turn, one player rolls 2 dice, and all players use the dice results on their realm cards to generate resources and earn stars. After 3 rounds, the player with the most stars wins!

  • Ages: 8+
  • 1-6 Players
  • 30-45 Minutes 

1 rulebook (8 pages)
1 box (204x204x53mm, 0.65 kg)
2 custom dice (25mm)
6 dry erase markers
6 erasers
66 realm cards (65x100mm; dry-erase)
6 resource cards (65x100mm; dry-erase)
6 score cards (65x100mm; dry-erase)
1 minigolf rulebook (8 pages)
10 minigolf cards
1 minigolf course log