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Savannah Park

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In the heart of Africa lies a paradise of incomparable beauty. These endless expanses are home to the continent’s largest land animals and present the visitor with breathtaking views. You are rangers, each running your own wildlife park in this beautiful part of the world.

Help your animals to gather with others of their kind in the largest herds possible by moving them to new spaces. Secure precious watering holes that increase your park’s value and protect against bush fires. The more shady trees and lush grass in your park the better, too. Once all animals have been moved, the game ends with a scoring round. The ranger with the most points wins.

Savannah Park unfolds a beautiful interactive puzzle with stunning artwork by Annika Heller. Developed by the highly acclaimed game design duo Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling, it combines easy rules with an entertaining experience for families, experienced players and solo gamers alike. Variants offer new challenges and further depth in gameplay. Compete for the next