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Secret Agent Barbie (Cartridge Only)

SKU: 020626717533_u
Team up with Secret Agent Barbie on another super-spy adventure!
Royal emeralds, rubies and diamonds are disappearing all over the world, and the clues point to one crafty crook. But why would anyone be taking all these jewels? It's up to you and Secret Agent Barbie to find out. Join Barbie as she traces clues around the globe, keeping her cover and cleverly outwitting the villain once and for all! Only you can help Barbie unravel the mysterious plot and save the day!

- Travel to England, China, Italy and Mexico with Barbie to solve the mission!
- Use your robot spy-puppy, smoke screen and stealth ring to outwit your foes!
- Solve puzzles and play games to sneak past security guards, crack codes and more!
- Collect top-secret files during your mission and unlock hidden game features!