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Super Mega Baseball 4

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The series’ signature combo of arcade-inspired style and immersive gameplay returns with over 200 baseball Legends and a grand slam of presentation upgrades.


Over 200 former pro baseball players like Vladimir Guerrero, Johnny Damon, Ozzie Smith, and Jason Giambi are getting Super Mega-fied into Legends and ready to hit dingers in every game mode alongside your favorite Super Mega All-Stars. Play in a league of baseball’s most memorable Legends, with teams organized by era. Or remix your whole roster in multiple game modes with Shuffle Draft, a new deckbuilding-inspired feature where you pick a combo of Legends and Super Mega All-Stars to create a unique roster. Legends will be added to online teams in Pennant Race mode, with 4 players joining each team every week.


Super Mega Baseball 4 knocks it out of the park with the most ambitious and significant presentation upgrade in franchise history. In addition to the new Legends, existing All-Stars are getting refreshed and looking better than ever without taking away from the signature Super Mega Baseball style. Lighting is updated and accurate from different sources, providing a true-to-life environment in every stadium. Game cameras and cutscene animations are getting their first true overhaul since the original Super Mega Baseball, with new variations and perspectives that provide an authentic, cinematic baseball experience. Audio throughout the game is getting expanded and improved from home plate to the bleachers, including an all-new and larger soundtrack with licensed and original music. Crowd, voiceover, and environmental audio is also getting a big upgrade, immersing players in the sounds of baseball throughout the game. 6 new stadiums have also been added, for a total of 20.


You asked, we listened. Numerous community-requested features have been included in Super Mega Baseball 4 that expand gameplay and improve the experience for all. The previous title’s conditional player trait system has been expanded into Team Chemistry & Expansive Traits (55 new traits have been added for 75 total). Your team’s Chemistry affects the strengths of each player’s individual traits to make roster-building deeper and more important than ever. Other new features added from community feedback include automatic walks, automatic runners, two-way players, expanded bullpens, customizable free agent pools, and more.