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Tamagotchi Electronic Pet (Demon Slayer Giyu)

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Demon Slayer Giyu Tomioka Giyutchi Tamagotchi Digital Pet:

Raise your demon slayer and master different breath styles with the Giyutchi Demon Slayer Tamagotchi from the Hashira Gathering Version. Based on your training methods, you can raise your character into one of nine different Breath users. There are 3 training options to raise the strongest Breath User - Physical Training, Boulder Lifting, and Total Concentration. Japanese programming with a blue design. Feed your slayer either rice bowl or green tea and play three different games. If you neglect training, your Slayer will become injured. If you do not treat the injury yourself, Kakushi will come. Ages 6 and up. Includes 2x "LR44" batteries.

Please note: this is the Japanese version.