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Tengoku Struggle: Strayside

SKU: 810075730456

Escape from Hell… It is year XX of the Reiwa era. Through an agreement between the Human Realm and the Hell Realm, Asakusa was transformed into a tourist attraction where the living can meet the dead. One day, the Spider's Thread was dropped from Heaven down into Hell, allowing many of Hell's prisoners to escape. King Enma thus orders his novice Hell Guardian daughter, Rin, to capture the escapees along with Goemon Ishikawa and a few other trustworthy prisoners. When they descend to the Human Realm for their mission, their investigation leads them to an event held by a former prisoner of Hell, Shinobikuni, where she reveals a pardoning app that will forgive people for their sins. What is Shinobikuni's goal? And what will become of the humans who were promised entry into Heaven? This is a story that encompasses Heaven and Earth - what fate awaits this world?


  • An extraordinary, all-new adventure from the Olympia Soirée team at Otomate, premier developers of unique story-based games including an all- star voice cast.
  • Enter a rich, multi-layered world ­lled with characters to meet and relationships to develop.
  • An extensive tale to read, enhanced by breathtaking artwork and a stirring original musical score.