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Tetris Ultimate (Pre-Owned)

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Tetris Ultimate is a reworked version of the original Tetris falling block puzzle game. The available game modes are Battle, Battle Ultimate, Endless, Marathon, Sprint, and Ultra.
  • Battle is a versus mode against the computer or another player. There are four difficulty levels for the computer.

  • Battle Ultimate is a versus mode that introduces power-ups to clear lines, have the grid scroll sideways, explode blocks, or shower opponents with blocks to remain the last one standing. Power-ups are gained by clearing lines that have symbols.

  • Endless lets you play up to level 30, with a faster speed for each new level.

  • Marathon is the classic mode where you need to clear a number of lines to reach a new level with faster speed, with fifteen levels in total.

  • Sprint is about clearing 40 lines as quickly as possible.

  • Ultra provides three minutes to achieve a high score.