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Dragon Prince: Battlecharged

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Fight for the future of Xadia in The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged from Brotherwise Games! This fast-paced tactical miniatures game is set in the world of Wonderstorm’s Emmy® Award-winning Netflix original series. For every fan of this epic series, and anyone who loves great tabletop games, Battlecharged is a must-play!

Choose your heroes & charge into battle!

The Dragon Prince: Battlecharged is a fast-paced, card-based miniatures game. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or tabletop novice, it’s easy to jump into the action.

Includes 8 iconic heroes

Every character has a custom battling deck with a unique fighting style. Amaya and Janai charge into action, while Callum and Claudia take time to power up and cast spells.

Fight in one of 6 different locations

Leap across hazardous lava at the Breach! Dodge between the pillars of the Moon Nexus! Every battle map provides different tactical considerations to keep you on your toes.