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Undercover Cops (Orange Super Nintendo Cartridge)

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Undercover Cops on physical cartridge for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

Retro-Bit® and Irem® have teamed up once again to bring another masterpiece to the West.  Originally released in 1992, Undercover Cops joined other Irem® classics like Kung Fu Master, Blade MasterNinja Baseball Man, and more at the arcades.  Three years later, the arcade hit was brought to the Super Famicom® in Japan but was never released in North America or Europe.  Now officially translated to English for the first time, you can answer the Mayor's call and experience Zan's techniques, Matt's powerful throws, and Rosa's dazzling abilities in 16-bit glory.  You can even raise the challenge up even further to experience the true ending in Hard mode - if you can survive!

It’s 2043 and crime has taken over the city in this post-apocalyptic world.  The mayor appoints the City Sweepers, disguised as Undercover Cops, to take out the villains, and now it’s up to you to choose between Zan Takahara, Matt Gables, or Rosa Felmond and fight against strange creatures to find out what the Marenko Corporation is up to!

Fight your way past 5 bosses and multiple mutated enemies until you meet Dr. Crayborn himself!  Beat him to prevent his plan to bomb the city, and bring safety to NYC! Fail, and not only will the city be destroyed, but your licenses will be revoked.