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Survios VR Power Pack: Raw Data & Sprint Vector (Pre-Owned)

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Award-winning titles raw data and sprint Vector the VR power Pack features two of the most ground-breaking VR games ever released. In raw data, become the adrenaline-charged hero of your own futuristic shooter as you put your wits and endurance to the test. In sprint Vector, run, jump, climb, and fly across interdimensional race courses and challenge maps.

  • Raw data packed with active VR combat
  • raw data Be transported into the future of neo shinjuku 2271 as a Syndik8 operative
  • raw data I infiltrate the Eden Tower to steal as much raw data as possible and get out alive. Wield pistols, hack and slash with Katanas and take on groups of enemies with pump action shotguns
  • Sprint vector highly competitive, adrenaline fueled VR Racer that pits players against each other in an extreme sports competition
  • Sprint vector Master 12 challenging race tracks loaded with obstacles and shortcuts, strategically placed.Sprint vector Play solo or are looking to jump online against up to 7 other players. Sprint vector is a thrilling, heart racing Dash to the finish line