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Watch Dogs Strategy Guide (Pre-Owned)

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Hardcover Collector's Edition Bonus Content:   Never-before-seen cover art designed exclusively for the guide!   32-page Friends, Foes, and Factions section exclusive to the Collector's Edition with an in-depth, behind-the-scenes exploration of the world and story behind Watch-Dogs and detailed backstory and lore for every major character.   100% Completion Guide Covers every main mission, side mission, investigation, and collectible to deliver the full experience in the most anticipated new franchise of the year.   Dedicated Multiplayer chapter details all online contracts and maps including expert advice on hacking, tailing, races, decryption, and notoriety.   Highly detailed maps cover every inch of the massive open world setting, charting the most rewarding path to every secret collectible.   Comprehensive Training Details everything from the basics of exploring Chicago to hacking, unlocking Skills, and advanced tactical advice that will help you optimize your gameplay.   Free Mobile Version: Redeem your access code to unlock the full strategy guide, formatted for use from any web-enabled device. The digital guide adds enhanced features including strategy video and alternate tactics.   Platforms Covered: PC, Xbox 360(tm), Xbox One(tm), PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.