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Crash Team Rumble (Deluxe Edition)

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Dash, jump, slide, and bounce your way through 4v4 competitions in Crash Team Rumble. Choose from a variety of hero and villain characters from the franchise, then race to collect and bank more Wumpa fruit than the opposing team. The Deluxe Edition includes a Digital Proto pack with plenty of fun extras.

  • Choose from iconic Crash Bandicoot heroes and villains, each with unique skills and abilities, then battle in 4v4 team-based competitions
  • Race across diverse and dangerous maps, collecting and banking as much Wumpa fruit as possible
  • Work together to battle your opponents, defend your Wumpa Bank, and boost your score by capturing key points
  • Additional heroes, modes, maps, rewards, and more to come with future updates, giving you plenty of content to look forward to