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GIRLS und PANZER DX Dream Tank Match (Import)

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This is your very own Panzerfahren! Maneuver tanks with realism and exhilaration in Girls und Panzer: Dream Tank Match DX from Bandai Namco for the Nintendo Switch, with the addition of online multiplayer matches for up to 10 players.

Single player mode is rich with original story modes: re-live the movie storyline from different characters' perspectives in Story Battle mode or play as the Rival School team in Domination Battle mode, and more. Users will experience true Panzerfahren that is characteristic of the game.

Important! There are 3 languages included with this REGION FREE import, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese. Upon starting the game, the user will be prompt to read Terms and Conditions in any of the 3 languages. If you want the game in English, you have to read the terms and conditions in English, same as through if you choose Korean/Chinese. If the user wants to change the language, they need to delete all save files, restart the game and the T&Cs setting will prompt again!