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Magic the Gathering Commander Legends: Draft Booster Box

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Draft Booster Box from Commander Legends

Dive into the world of Magic's legends with Commander Legends! Find mythical characters from every corner of the Multiverse, from modern day heroes to legends of the past

For the first time in Magic's history, you can assemble a commander deck entirely from boosters! Build your commander deck from scratch with boosters of twenty cards and two guaranteed legendary creatures per booster. But there is a small difference: your draft or sealed deck becomes sixty cards instead of commander's traditional one hundred cards. Discover more than seventy new (partner) commanders and build exciting decks together.

With 165 brand new cards, Commander Legends is not only suitable to play draft or sealed, but also for giving your Commander decks a nice upgrade. And you might find inspiration for a new deck!

In some draft boosters you will find a very special card: A foil-etched legendary creature! Especially for Commander Legends, all legendary creatures from the set plus 32 specially selected legends have a chance to win a new frame with a special foil layer: Foil-etched! A beautiful new way of foiling, unique to Commander Legends.

A draft Booster Box Commander Legends contains 24 draft boosters. Each Commander Legends draft booster contains 20 cards with a guaranteed foil and at least two legendary creatures.