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Bo Jackson Hit and Run (Cartridge Only)

SKU: 719575020015_u
It's two games in one -- play either baseball or football in this game headlined by Bo Jackson. In baseball, you can participate in all the major parts of the ballgame, such as pitching, hitting, and fielding. The field is displayed in 3D using an engine called "3-D Sensation." In football, the field is displayed as an overhead view in 2D with tiny players running around -- a sharp contrast to the graphic style of the baseball portion of the game. The football game allows you to design your own plays and watch them with instant replay.
  • Let Bo guide you through the Majors in the hardest hitting, fastest pitching baseball game that you can hold in your hands.
  • Pitch a no-hitter or belt a home run!
  • Make a diving catch to stop their rally!
  • Your cross-training continues as you take on this gridiron classic. Get ready for a full-contact high impact welcome to the big leagues!
  • You design the plays for the offense!
  • Break through the line and score!